Foods with sexually enhancing effects

When you go out on a date, you might be having dinner in a fine dining restaurant. You will be deciding what to order so that your date can get aroused by consuming foods that have sexual enhancing effects. Note that food with aphrodisiac powers does work in creating arousal. 

Here are a few suggestions on what to order in a restaurant to get yourself and your partner ready for your sex dating:


There is a choice of appetizers in fine dining restaurants which usually includes oyster. This shellfish has aphrodisiac properties. There are different ways that oysters can be prepared, but the best ones to bring on the sexual desire are those that are freshly shucked. If that is not on the menu, Oysters Rockefeller will do.


The best thing to do is to choose an entree that will get the blood flowing. Dishes that contain Ingredients like steak or nuts can help boost your sexual drive and give you the energy that you need to have enough stamina in the bedroom.

When eating light

If you would rather have something light to eat, a fish with saffron is the way to go. This sexually enhancing spice is a natural aphrodisiac that also gives you energy for a long and exciting night ahead.

Red wine

According to research, drinking a glass of red wine can work for a woman to get into the mood for sex. If a woman drinks a glass or two of red wine daily, she will have an increase in her sexual desire. Taking red wine is also a treatment for vaginal dryness.

Something sweet

Dessert is a good ending for a dinner date. It is a sign that the person you are with wants to spend more time with you. It is also a great way to set the stage for the next step – taking them home with you. Choose a dessert that contains chocolate.  Not only is this romantic but it also is a natural sexual enhancer. Eating a chocolatey treat also improved your food and makes you happier. This can help your partner be more open and excited to get things going in the right direction.

Healthy eating

When a person has sex, they need the right food intake that’ll ensure that their blood gets pumping. There might be fails in sexual performance due to a lack of overall good health. Those who are fit do have the energy to exert the necessary movements such as hip action. A proper diet will make the person feel better, and enhance the sex life.

Get aroused

If you are planning to go sex dating, knowing what to eat so that when you wine and dine your potential partner may make the after-dinner romance much better. When you want to go sex dating, you can set the scene by serving a few of these food items that’ll get both of you in the mood. You’ll feel powered up after a delicious “sexually enhancing” dinner.